"Joy in Our Town"


In this special Joy In Our Town hosted by Pastor Isaac Friedel, Mike Palombi discusses life after incarceration & freedom from addiction! https://youtu.be/4Pefbxh6Moo

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Mike and Heidi Palombi

Mike Palombi is the author of the book, “How’s It Feel, Tough Guy?”. It is a story about crime, addiction, salvation, restoration, and redemption. The book is currently in over one hundred prisons and county jails nationwide. Together with his wife Heidi, they use the book as a vehicle to bring a message of hope to those most others deem to be hopeless. Mike regularly speaks at men’s groups, churches, recovery events, drug treatment facilities and jails.

Book Mike now to speak at your venue. Purchase the book for yourself or to donate it to prisons in the United States.