“ ‘How’s it feel, tough guy?’ Those words stopped me dead in my tracks. I studied every face in front of me, trying to figure out who was talking, but no one in front of me had spoken those words. And yet, I instantly understood their meaning: How’s it feel to be my victim? How’s it feel to be the target of the threats of others who want to hurt me? Hows it feel to experience a genuine fear of losing your life for not complying with a threat to pay money you do not owe? Well... how’s it feel, tough guy?”


Author, Motivational Speaker,
Teacher, Prison Missionary

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How's It Feel Tough Guy?

***1st PLACE WINNER in Counseling/Recovery Category for 2014 Christian Writers Award with Xulon Press!! ***

From Prisoner of Pride to Prisoner of Hope is Mike's story of sin and redemption, and giving back to those who feel hopeless.

The honesty, humility and repentant heart of a ex-criminal and prisoner is so refreshing in Mike’s story. So often similar testimonies like this are portrayed as one coming to Christ and they then live happily ever after. The realism of Mikes struggle before and after coming to Christ is so refreshing and demonstrates that through perseverance and the grace of God there is ultimate victory in Christ. As someone who has seen first hand how God’s power can change anyone’s life, Mike’s is outstanding among them. I highly recommend this book.

-Don Wilkerson, Co-Founder, Teen Challenge

"How's It Feel, Tough Guy?"


About Mike

The 30-year owner of a construction company, Mike Palombi has been building foundations–-both for houses and for young lives. For nearly 10 years, Mike has used his trade skills and experience of overcoming the entanglements of addiction and incarceration to teach at-risk youth the importance of building foundations for life. For 20 years, Mike has also participated in the Juvenile Awareness Program (formerly known as “Scared Straight”) at East Jersey State Prison, and served as a member of the program's advisory board. An award-winning author, he is an active member of Life Chapel at the Jersey Shore where he lives with his wife, Heidi.